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Angel shared deep affection and you can mutual trust having Willow Rosenberg, and not as she restored his heart twice

A number of period the guy requested the woman assist, thinking about her due to the fact an established ally and you can friend. After repairing Angel’s heart into second date, they hugged while the dated friends. [79] not, Willow shown discover violence towards Angel on account of his steps because the Twilight, briefly flipping your to your good frog away from their rage. Immediately following the guy murdered Giles, Believe stated that the entire Scooby Gang, other than Buffy, wished Angel lifeless. [40]

During their 1st amount of time in Sunnydale, shortly after Buffy, Willow try probably Angel’s companion about Scooby Group and you may most friendly on the him, even when, as with every the team, his relationship with this lady is actually quite strained immediately following the guy returned off Heck following the his big date just like the Angelus

Fundamentally, although not, Willow appears to move forward from a bit of their frustration for the Angel, given that just after publicly criticizing their need to resurrect Giles, she hesitantly offered to assist, as she expected Angel’s help to bring wonders to this new industry. Willow, yet not, slapped your when he slammed the woman desire to involve Connor, angrily blaming him having everything that had gone completely wrong, nevertheless when she burst for the rips out-of feeling, Angel made an effort to spirits of care and attention and you can matter on her behalf, agreeing to allow Conner chosen. [66] Throughout their thrill within the Quor’toth, they appeared to somewhat resolve its relationships. Angel did actually certainly inform you a great deal of care for the lady, when he keeps attempted to morale a beneficial distraught Willow regarding the absorbing a lot of ebony magic, informing this lady urgently that he was required to believe the woman. She acknowledge one she did faith him despite his early in the day procedures just like the Twilight however, she merely don’t trust herself. Willow sadly temporarily got bought out because of the black wonders, just for Angel so you can bite the lady to return this lady back again to typical. Willow came back new like, ending Believe out of killing your and you will informing Angel which he could strive his ebony side. When he regained handle, the two had instantly hugged both inside appreciation.

Afterwards, Angel and Willow reach a resolution. She told him she knew he is sorry, which he got felt he was creating the best procedure and you may it absolutely was expected, however, firmly reminded your it did not replace the undeniable fact that just what the guy did was wrong. Willow definitely believed to him you to she don’t consider she you will ever before most forgive him for just what the guy did, but meanwhile, she wouldn’t see it within her to help you dislike him. Angel is satisfied with so it, just pleased one she did not hate him any longer. Keeping the woman an element of the offer, she remaining brand new an item of Giles’s heart regarding the scythe in the hands, just before departing to keep their unicamente journey. [85]

Daniel «Oz» Osbourne [ ]

Angel and you may Ounce rarely interacted in their brief amount of time in the latest Scooby Gang, however, did actually go along sufficiently whenever seen along with her, most likely while they common equivalent knowledge, becoming a vampire and you may werewolf, correspondingly. Ounce had offered to bring Angel this new Treasure out-of Amara you to definitely permitted your to walk about sunshine under Buffy’s consult, travelling to L.A good as he had a gig there. He previously assisted your up against the likelihood of Surge and you can returned returning to Sunnydale. They seemed to keeps a slight thread away from companionship, given that one another talk in short term sentences and are, in certain ways, equivalent, for every suffering from the fear of just what its supernatural top try effective at if the deprived of the manage the people front side provides. That they had humorously engaged in a highly abreviated, charming discussion upon reuniting during the L.A., Ounce saying that your and you will Angel have been usually «laconic». [113]

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