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Question 9 What does the line extension approach use?

An addition to product line D

A. Symbol B. Brand name to facilitate entry into a new market product C. An expansion of business links D. Large-volume production runs

D. a product improvement

Question 10 A product audit by a cereal manufacturer would: A. categorize the cereals produced within its industry as to product similarities and differences. B. determine if the company should delete its Spider-Man brand cereal. C. analyze the sales levels of all cereals in its competitive environment. D. determine the competitive advantage of each brand of cereal in the market.

Question 11 Marketing dimensions refer to price, promotion, strategy, and: A. channels of distribution. B. product fea tures. C. launch offers. Dpetitive environments.

Question 12 A broader approach to the new product question is the one developed by H. Igor Ansoff in the form of: A. corporate marketing. B. marketing mix. C. growth vectors. D. benchmarking.

Question 13 The primary reason for new product failure is the inability of the selling company to match its offering to the: A. needs of the customers. B. required competition. C. prevailing price. D. product development cycle.

Question 14 Products that are inventions are known as: A. new-to-the-world products. B. new category entry. C. an addition to product line.

Question 15 Avon first marketed its Skin So Soft lotion as a body lotion so it would have a product to compete with other similar body lotions. Today, Avon promotes its Skin So Soft lotion as an insect repellant that is good to your skin. In which of the new product categories would Skin So Soft lotion fall? A. New-to-the-world product B. New category entry C. Re positioning

Question 16 __________ denotes a growth direction through the increase in market share for present product markets. A. “Market penetration” B. “Marketing mix” C. “Growth vectors” D. “ent”

Question 17 What does out-rotating involve? A. That salesmen should be exchanged with competing firms from time to time B. That managers and salesmen should exchange jobs periodically C. That employees should be placed in positions that require direct contact with customers, competitors, and other key outside groups D. That new product ideas should be brought in from outside the firm

Question 18 Strategic risk involves: A. putting out money to advertise new ideas. B. not matching the role or purpose of a new product with a specific strategic need or issue of the organization. C. the use of new technology to produce the product at a profit. D. the cost of testing concepts.

Question 19 A strategic alliance is best defined as: A. a short-term relationship aimed at winning a market segment. B. a relationship between a business and its customers. C. a long-term partnership between two organizations designed to accomplish the strategic goals of both parties. D. a relationship between a business and the community in which it is headquartered.

Question 20 Various alternatives exist for creating and managing cross-functional product development teams. Two of the better-known methods are the establishment of skunk works and the __________ approach. A. rugby B. iceberg C. idea equity D. tag team

Question 1 __________ consist of businesses that buy goods and services in order to produce other goods and services for sale. A. Government organizations B. Organizational buyers C. Nonprofit associations D. Trade associations

Question 2 __________, or resellers, purchase to resell payday loans in FL at a profit. A. Initiators B. Marketing intermediaries C. Users D. Influencers

Question 3 Which of the following examples would most likely use straight rebuy? A. Contractors looking for a replacement for stucco for home building buy auto claved, aerated concrete panels. B. A physicians’ office buys a $35,000 endoscope for examining their patients? lungs. C. A manufacturer of off-the-road vehicles practices just-in-time inventory and needs to arrange for the purchase of additional electric starters. D. A cold-storage warehouse buys a $100,000 generator to keep its 200,000 square feet of storage area cold in the event of an electric outage.

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